Nutritional properties of pata negra ham

The success of pata negra ham in Spain and around the world is mainly due to its intense flavor and the pleasure it produces when eaten. But we must not forget that pata negra ham has excellent nutritional properties that also make it a very healthy product, so much so that it is recommended by nutritionists as an ideal complement to a complete and balanced diet.

The incredible nutritional properties of Iberian ham

The first thing to know is that not all types of ham have the same nutritional characteristics. The fact that Iberian pigs are raised in the pasture, feeding on acorns, roots and natural grasses, means that the nutritional properties of pata negra ham are very different from those found in hams from white pigs.

Pata negra ham is especially rich in proteins and fats, as well as in minerals and vitamins B and E.

High protein and fatty acid content

Pata negra ham contains more amino acids per gram than other hams. In addition, the curing process to which they are subjected facilitates their digestion. This is very important, since the assimilation of nutrients is much higher.

Pata negra ham contains a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids and a lower content of saturated fats. This is one of the reasons why pata negra ham increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. For these reasons, in recent years nutritionists have included Iberian ham in the Mediterranean diet.

The "montanera" also influences the nutritional qualities of pata negra ham, providing a large amount of vitamin E due to the consumption of acorns. This is very important since this vitamin intervenes in the ham's maturation and oxidation process, resulting in a less salty meat. In addition to these properties, pata negra ham also contains a high content of minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1 and B12.

Pata Negra ham, a very beneficial food for our health

The factors mentioned above lead us to the conclusion that the nutritional properties of pata negra ham are ideal for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, as well as providing benefits in specific cases.

Its high protein content makes it a very suitable food for muscle development during growth stages. Due to its high levels of vitamin B, it is also recommended for overcoming depression and stress, as well as for periods of convalescence due to illness or surgery. Finally, and due to its high digestibility, it is also a very suitable food for people with stomach problems.