General Shipping Information

Countries where we ship

Colono delivers your orders to the following countries. You will learn the specific delivery conditions for each country using the links below. Continue reading this page if you want to know the General Shipping Policy, which applies regardless of the country of destination.

Delivery Times

Orders received before 14:00 will be shipped from Vienna (Austria) on the same day. Orders received during the weekend will be shipped on Monday.

The delivery times given on this page and elsewhere on the website are estimates relating to our experience in deliveries to the respective destinations and the information provided by the logistics service provider. They are therefore guidelines and they are not guaranteed delivery times. Colono assumes no liability in case of delays in delivery.

Delivery Address

The products purchased online are supplied to the customer to the specified address. To ensure correct delivery, please specify the delivery address as complete as possible.

Order Tracking

The customer receives a tracking number as soon as the package has left our warehouse. The tracking number can be used to follow the shipment progress via the website of the logistics service provider.

Direct deliveries from producers in Spain

The delivery is normally fulfilled from the Colono Wien Gourmet Shop in Vienna (Austria). In certain cases, Colono also uses direct deliveries from producers in Spain. If this is the case, you will find a remark about special delivery conditions for this particular product in the product page.

Delivery in parcel shops

The parcel shop is a service offered by Colono and our logistics service providers. Package is stored in a parcel shop whenever the customer is not present at the delivery address during the moment of delivery. The customer has up to 10 days to pick up his package from the parcel shop but we recommend to pick-up as soon as possible considering the orders contain food.

When ordering from the customer explicitly accepts the possibility of needing to pick up the package from the assigned parcel shop if the package is deposited there.

What happens if the customer does not pick up the package within the available time frame from the package shop?

The package is returned to the place of origin and the customer has two options:

a. Request a refund of the order amount. In this case, the customer receives a refund, where we will deduct the processing and shipping cost resulting from non-picking the order. The amount to be deducted is 10 euros for Austria and 20 euros for other countries.

b. Request we ship the package again. In this case, the customer must pay the amount mentioned in the previous point and we will send the order again.

In both cases, we will additionally deduct product cost if there would be any damaged goods due to the excessive time the package spent in the parcel shop.

What happens if the goods are damaged during the time in the parcel shop?

Colono recommends a quick pick-up from the parcel shop to avoid damage to the products as we have no influence on the storage conditions in each parcel shop. Colono does not reimburse any damages caused by excessive storage time in the parcel shop.

Shipping conditions for Gastronomy businesses (HORECA, retail stores ...)

We distribute products to Gastronomy businesses in some European countries, such as specialty retail stores or restaurants. Follow this link to get more information about our B2B services.