Premium Kantabrische Sardellenfilets in Olivenöl 50g Conservas Nardín
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Geräucherte kantabrische Anchovis (Sardellen) in Olivenöl 100g Conservas Nardín
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Ausgewählte kantabrische Anchovis (Sardellenfilets) 100g Conservas Nardín
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Conservas Nardín


Conservas Nardín produces a wide range of products, following strict principles:

  • Fresh and seasonal fish from local fishermen of the Cantábrico.
  • The processing of the fish on the day of purchase.
  • Processing only whole fish in the production plant of Nardín.
  • The production of preserves according to traditional methods without any use of preservatives.
  • Fulfillment of the highest quality standards and regular quality controls by external auditors.

In recognition of the excellent work and quality of the products, they have been awarded the "Bonito del Cantábrico del País Vasco" and "Anchoa del Cantábrico del País Vasco" quality certificates.

Website of the producer.

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