Learn the key ingredientes to prepare Paella 'Valenciana'

In this short article, you will learn which ingredients you need to make an authentic Paella Valenciana. Those ingredientes should be part of a good Paella Set:

    • A good olive oil: For Paella we recommend a virgin olive oil extra with a mild taste, so that it does not hide the taste of the other ingredients.

    • Bomba rice: You can also use other short-grained round rice japonica varieties like the Albufera, but in our opinion it is worth to spend a little more and buy Bomba, which is the best possible rice for the preparation of Paella. After all, the rice is the most important ingredient for the paella. 

    • Garrofón Or Paella Beans: An authentic Valencian paella must contain garrofones, which are large white beans with brown sprinkles that have a thin skin and a very creamy texture.

    • Condiments: mainly saffron and Paprika de la Vera. These are the spices that the Paella lend its characteristic orange color. In addition to color, the paella give your characteristic aroma and reinforce the taste of the other ingredients.

If you want to learn how to cook an authentic Valencian paella step by step, you can read the recipe published in our blog.