Discover Canned Fish Recipes

Canned fish is an excellent way to enjoy fish and seafood without having to go to the fish-shop. It can be stored almost unlimited time in the pantry. Moreover, some canned fish, like sardines get better and better over time. 

Canned fish is also very versatile and it can be used for the preparation of countless dishes such as salads, sandwiches, pies, appetizers, pintxos and even soups. We share with you the Espinaler recipe booklet to inspire you with  suggestions and ideas about what you can do with these delicacies from the can. You will learn how to cook a delicious 'Sardines Salad' with lentils or patatas bravas with pickled mussels and many more.

If you follow this link, you can download the Espinaler recipe booklet in PDF format. Many of the dishes include a link to YouTube to visualize the preparation in video.