Chipirones: Learn the basics and their properties

Chipirones are very popular in Spanish gastronomy, being used as an ingredient in many recipes and tapas: stuffed squid, squid in its ink, fried squid, etc. In this small entry we inform you about what they are, what properties they have and how they are eaten, so that you can be better informed before buying chipirones.

What are Chipirones?

Chipirones are a type of small squid (Loligo spp) of the invertebrate cephalopod family. They feed on plankton and when they grow they feed on small fish and crustaceans. Chipirones usually lives in shoals at a depth of about 100 metres, and migrates following the sea currents in an attempt to avoid the tuna, which is its main natural predator.

What are the properties of Chipirones?

Being a small squid, it has similar properties to squid:

  • It is a natural source of protein for muscle, tissue and bone recovery.
  • It provides a lot of energy, so it can be included in all kinds of varied and balanced diets.
  • It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine and vitamin A.

In the following recipe you can discover a surprising tapa made with Chipirones in olive oil as a base.